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Following are some key products in LV category.  
LV Distribution Panel  
Indoor and outdoor type sheet steel fabricated, free standing, front or rear accessibility, cable or bus duct connections are supplied complete with air circuit breakers, molded case circuit breakers, load break switches, necessary meters, relays and instruments etc. Breakers of either fixed or draw–out versions can be supplied as required. Switchgears Panels are extensible on both sides.  
Technical Specification:  
  ° Rated voltage up to 690/750V  
  ° Rated current up to 6000A  
  ° Rated S.C. Current up to 100KA  
LV Power Factor Improvement Panel (PFI)  
These panels are used for power factor correction and manufactured as indoor units with fixed or automatic capacitor switching. The panel is designed to align and couple with the LT distribution panels. If requested, reactors can be used to eliminate unwanted harmonics. The PFI panel is of self-ventilating design.
The components used are highly robust and reliable.  
  ° Microprocessor based control unit with built in PF meter, user–friendly programmable parameters (sequence, C/K, switching delay etc.).  
  ° Adequately rated air break contractors backed by HRC fuses.  
  ° Self-healing, internally protected, dry type capacitors, having very low losses and rated for 1.1x Un and 1.3xIn.  
Motor Control Centre (MCC)  
These panels are manufactured at various power levels as indoor units. Draw–out units vary in size and power level. Interlocks, covers, etc. are provided to prevent incorrect or unsafe operation and to prevent access to live parts. The bus bars are at the top of the assembly and are contained within segregated chambers. The riser bars also run within a segregated chamber, down each rack section to feed individual compartment through an automatic shutter system. These units are used at command and control system. Repair and maintenance can be carried out on a withdraw-able unit without interrupting power to the other units.
Bus Tie Duct (BTD)  
We at PEL develop and fabricate made-to measure low voltage Bus Duct systems is air insulated, non–segregated construction. Our Bus Ducts are designed to meet the required voltage, ampere and fault level ratings. Copper bus bars are sized in accordance with the specified ratings to operate within IEC temperature rise limits. Joints are tin-plated. Provision for the bus expansion is furnished as required by the configuration and length of each system. Flexible connections are provided at the transformer end to absorb the vibrations. Enclosure up to 3000A rating is made of sheet steel while above 3000A (up to 6000A), non-magnetic aluminum enclosures are used to eliminated hysteresis losses. The enclosure is of self-ventilating design.
Other LV Equipments  
PEL’s other LV Switchgear products include the following  
  ° Relay and control panels for 132/ 220KV Grid Stations  
  ° AC/DC Auxiliary Services Panels  
  ° Piano type control desks  
  ° Distribution boards for power as well as for lighting  
  ° Feeder Pillars  
  ° Any other special requirement  
Following are some key products in MV category.  
MV Metal Clad Switchgear Cubicles  
  ° Air insulated, single bus bar system  
  ° Protection to IP4X (enhanced degrees as option)  
  ° Maintenance- free VCB/ SF6 breakers  
  ° Interchangeability of similar rated breakers  
 ° Metal clad and compartmentalized design to  
IEC 62271-200  
  ° Easily and safely accessible service and test positions  
  ° Prevention of operator errors with interlocks  
  ° Type tested as per IEC 62271-200 and WAPDA Standards  
Adaptable to various types of switching devices (vacuum contractor/ disconnect switches etc.) Technical Specification  
 ° Rated voltage up to 17.5KV
 ° Rated current 630A - 2500A
 ° Rated short time current up to 40KA
 ° Protection class IP4X
 ° CB Type Vacuum / SF6
MV Pad Mounted Transformers - (Compact sub-stations)  
Main components of this unit are medium voltage switchgear arranged to function as a Ring Main Unit (2- TP disconnect switches and 1-fused T-off), transformer, LV Switchgear and control gear, corresponding interconnections and auxiliary equipment. Enclosure is made of 2-3 mm sheet steel. These sub-stations are manufactured for outdoor use, suitable for mounting on a concrete pad. Door interlocks and other safety features are inherent part of the design. These compact substations are used in distribution centers and industrial installations haviتng underground cabling.
Technical Specification:  
 ° Rated voltage up to 17.5 KV
 ° Transformer rating up to 1000 KVA
 ° Protection class IP54
Kiosk Type Compact Sub Stations - Walk in type  
These Sub-Stations have almost the same functional features as Pad Mounted Transformers (Compact Sub-Stations), except that these are walk–in-type and the operation of the devices can be performed while standing inside the station. MV switching device is selected in accordance with customer’s specification. It could be a compact RMU or isolating switches, as required. The kiosk is self-contained sub-station having its own source of auxiliary supply (battery & battery charger) and is supplied complete with protection and metering devices, internal lights, etc., ready for external cable connections and commissioning.  
Other MV Equipments  
PEL’s other LV Switchgear products include the following  
 ° Air insulated, single bus bar system
 ° Protection to IP4X (enhanced degrees as option)
 ° Maintenance- free VCB/ SF6 breakers
 °  Interchangeability of similar rated breakers
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