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Static Voltage Stabilizer
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Uninterruptible Power Supply
Battery Charger Unit - Rectifier
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Servo Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

Servo Voltage Stabilizer is an economical solution for operation of your electrical without any problem wherever the main supply is not trusted. Produced with high quality materials, supplies to operate under heavy duty conditions at full load with high efficiency ESV-3FXX has very wide using area range and to be used for years with reliability and without any problem.


Uninterruptible Power Supplies, TV / Radio transmitter stations, GSM base stations, image and sound production studios, air - conditioners medical devices, hospitals, neon and laser illuminations, press and textile machines, photograph press machines, submerging pumps, ships, electric motors and all electrical devices sensitive to voltage changes.

Review the main categories of SERVO AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE STABILIZER sub-product groups :  
 ° ESV-1F, Single Phase - Servo Voltage Stabilizer  
 ° ESV-3F, Three Phase - Servo Voltage Stabilizer  
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