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Battery Charger Unit - Rectifier
Static Invertor
Servo Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

Flat Series DC Power Supplies are produced with microprocessor based cards and have modular structure with its electronical card design. Control and adjustment is realized with thyristor, diode bridges and transistor technologies. System has its own protection against overcurrent , over voltage, over temperature, short circuit and peak current. In Flat serial Battery Chargers & Rectifiers an inductor exists at the output. Input and output terminals are in cabinet and protected by suitable fuses

Designed and produced to be used in communication and alarm circuit of ships and yachts, safety systems in business place and residences, petrochemical industry and power electronics applications, training and test laboratories of schools, test laboratories of factories or feeding systems of electronic devices supplied with DC voltage Flat Serial Battery Charge Units manufactured for DC feeding systems and charge of lead acid, nickel cadmium and dry batteries. In high discharge currents it provides opportunity to turn on and turn off in short periods. It provides appropriate solutions in emergency illuminating, alarm communication circuits, galvanization and in emergency aluminums eloksal facilities, petro chemistry industry and power electronic practices.  
Review the main categories of BATTERY CHARGER UNIT - RECTIFIER sub-product groups :  
 ° FLAT-1F, Single Phase Input - Rectifier  
 ° FLAT-3F, Three Phase Input - Rectifier  
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